Attack Of The Moose

Above (dog named Moose)

First blog entry of to Kill To Craft is less craft related but still hope you enjoy! There more craft related loving at my Tumblr if you need to fill a gap!

Went out this evening to visit friends for a catch up and tea. My friend is a vegetarian lover and my best friend Charlotte is currently adventuring into the vegan dietary world. However I myself am a fully fledged carnivore so all food standards where out on the table this evening.

Vegan sausage rolls, home made pastries and salads. Also a lovely array of pizzas and cheese to dig into.

After tea my favourite part of the evening was playing with animals. Moose sat his massive giant self proudly on my knee for a cuddle. He’s amazing and has the brain capacity as a flea but he’s a gentle and loving. He wasn’t the only one enjoying loves this evening the other two dogs, cats, ferret, rabbit and monkey all got in for some TLC.

Above (ferret named Bernard) and Below (monkey named Nut)

I feel like I’ve received animal therapy I have given out so much love I’m exhausted. It was a nice evening to have a catch up even though we all ended up harassed by the zoo.


Thank you to Paula and Ashley for there lovely spread of food and great company. Xx

1 comment
  1. Paula said:

    Lol hahaha as if you wrote this and I only just found it lol
    The food was our pleasure and the hugs from the animals are a compulsory part of any visit to the Rowley Asylum 🙂

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