Lets Get Something Done

Good Morning,

It seems I’ve awoken to a lovely day with bright blue skies, it makes a slight change from the gloomy weather we have been getting. Bright days always makes me feel more inspired to craft, it might be that I feel better from the winter blues but it definitely takes affect.

So I’m one of these nerdy girls that stores lots of yarn and projects under her work desk for when such inspiring days take a hold. And when scouring through the wooly rumble, I came across a bag with a few knitted tops that I bought from the N.U.T.S. (not up to standard) sale at the end of last year. Usually that means they’ve been knitted too big or small or they have been altered and these garments rendered useless.


(Above Leaflet 9589 Sirdar Softspun DK)

Au Contaire!!

This garment may have been too small for the end result but not for me. So I got it snapped up for future needs and since I have no massive projects i’ve brought it out of hiding. I’ve not go massively far as I only started it yesterday so one side seam is complete and i’m onto a sleeve.

Unfortunately the lighting isn’t superb in our flat but I want to show you before I go, the meat loaf my man made for me last night after work. I have never tried meat loaf before and i’m a girl that appreciates her meaty meals. We recently travelled down south to visit his parent to find she’d bought us a tin and got out the recipe for us both. The result was fabulous the whole time Will was laughing while I ate as I was making appreciative noises of approval. Doesn’t it just look mouth watering, this is definately one to be made again. At some point soon i’ll try to remember to post the recipe for you all.

Pretty Please Will!! x


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