The Recipe Book

I mentioned yesterday that i’d kindly add up the recipe for the Meat Loaf and so I started some developing on adding my recipe page. At the minute the isn’t many food fancies but they do exsist and will be appearing slowly here and there. Infact today I got a work surprise which includes my next Recipe.

A couple of months ago my good friend at work Iris left her post and retired. I very much loved Iris such a bright friendly lady who liked a giggle, shared her crafts and photos of her family. Iris always warmed my heart and was very caring and today she snook in of her delicious baking.

Before she left i ask Iris herself for a few recipes to the cakes she used to bake use, mainly because i couldn’t bare to be without these treats forever. Little did we think that with Easter just around the corner she’d spoil us, if anyone was giving baking up for Lent I feel for them!

And so I shall be sharing Iris’s Lemon Drizzle with you all, keep your eyes peeled on the recipe page for future updates.

Yum, Yum, Yum….


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