Best of the Zest

 photo 65AEBCAF-4321-4C59-AAA0-730D382C9F49-204-00000009CBDB2BC4_zps2d2045f5.jpg

Got the new recipe up for your leisurely baking needs. I hope you enjoy it, it’s been one of my favourites over the past few years. My mouth almost waters at the thought of taking a bite, even looking at the pictures makes me want more. I can’t be getting the baking tray out just yet though, there’s a reason for this.

I may have been slightly tempted into making a project life scrapbook!

Oh no! or Oh yes!

I’m not sure if bringing another new craft into my life is a grand idea but it looks so much fun. I’d been looking over Pinterest and other peoples project life books. They are so inspiring, once seeing a few hours worth of images I wanted to create my own to share with the world.

There’s a few aspects to these books I adore:-

All the crafty bits and bobs you can buy like papers, ribbons, stamps, letter sets, journal cards and lots more the choices are endless.

It’s a lovely way to document your life, ideas, loves and memories.

If you like photography then you could almost think of it as an expandable photo album.

Very Versatile you can buy different pockets that have different layouts which can make it even more fun.

These books/journals are like candy to a crafter. I’m looking forward to sharing my life, inspirations, crafts, recipes and home life in my book. One of the things I can’t wait to do is arrange it into looking beautiful.

If you like project life you may also like to browse at the work of Sabrina Ward Harrison. I only own one of her books called ‘The true and the questions, A journal’ But her work reminds me of the project life journals and can also inspire you a little more. My personal favourite of her books, which I still need to purchase is ‘Spilling Open, The art of becoming yourself’. This was the first of her books that I ever picked up to read and browse. I was introduced to her at art college by one of my tutors, this changed the way I worked in my sketchbooks forever. Spilling Open is one of my recommended reads, the content including photographs, painting and writing are all worth the money.

Sabrina’s Blog

Anyway back to where I was, so I nipped out to get groceries for breakfast in more snow that came down heavily last night. Even though I shouldn’t have I decided to price up a 12 x 12 scrapbook and found a reasonably priced one with an aqua blue cover on of my most loved colours. I also picked up a small  6 x 6 pad of Scrapbook papers that can be found at American Crafts. It has some very cute papers 18 different designs and 36 sheets.

 photo 714C198F-A8FD-4D19-BB3F-D882DBE26CE7-990-000000EFC55D7321_zps0525a622.jpg

These are just a few of the designs in the booklet but there many more to be had. I haven’t got the time tonight to give it a start but tomorrow morning with a coffee and toast I might start laying out some pictures and papers and arrange my first page.

With a bit of careful thought and consideration!!


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