Wakefield’s First Vintage Fair

 photo BCEDB8E1-78F9-43F7-8B4C-2645EE008393-1796-000001C107D5BB0A_zps53e8ceb1.jpg

Wakefield Hosts it’s first ever Vintage Fair today, bringing back a lot of nostalgia for some and leaving others yearning for that bye gone era!

Upon arriving I noticed this had to be one of the biggest events the indoors of The Ridings Shopping Centre has ever held, just at a glance the fair was holding it’s own with roughly about 40 little stalls of independent businesses. Scouring the stalls of the event first I noticed small gems such as Vintage Barbie and Ken in there original boxes, How to draw from a photo Book (this was however a book on how to draw pin up ladies from dirty photo’s, I was mesmerized by this), old Kodak Brownie cameras and beautifully handmade crochet granny square cushions.

The event was packed, with entertainment of singers and dancers, singing classics from The Andrew Sisters and more. A small shop was kitted out as a dancing hall where on passing a few older people were getting there dancing shoes on and swinging. The Wakefields very own Urban Quarter Men’s Barbers where there giving old time fashionable cuts and shaves to the men. A womens hair and nail salon stood by it’s side giving ladies there old time tresses. A small vintage styled tea room to sit down and have a cup of tea and cake.

 photo 0CAA973E-ACE8-4933-90D6-F982EA99023C-1796-000001BBE2C4B384_zpse9ae6c4f.jpg

Homewares took a fine spot old vintage patterned ceramic mugs, plates and enamel tea pots. Knitted or Crochet blankets and cushions, tea towels and pictures of Advertisements of long since gone brands.

Amongst all the little gems were an array of stalls holding dresses, one was our very own Vintage shop Dolly Peg. Also beautiful old fur coats, paisley scarfs, other accessories,  jewelry and worn leather satchels that had charm.

 photo 7859C765-DF13-4B2B-8423-89077FBB7048-1796-000001BBD973F103_zpsece6b354.jpg

Overall the Vintage Fair was really enjoyable and had a massive turn out, which I hope means they’ll do another one soon enough. It would be a massive shame to not have another one especially because I’ll do some saving for it next time.

 photo F4B9970C-15B7-4832-86D5-D5AAA3E5480C-1796-000001BBD4F7E821_zps1fdab8f5.jpg

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  1. Well just to let you know the AdVintageous Team will be back at The Ridings with a hopefully bigger and better Vintage Fair on Sunday 30th March. Time to start saving! Hope to see you there.. 🙂

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