A Great Day

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I’ve got to that time in the evening where knocking back a Choc Ice whilst talking about my day is pretty essential. Being a female we can’t grumble at a midnight ice cream covered in cheap chocolate cos it’s better than nothing at all! I think myself lucky to even have these sweet little luxuries.
Today was a great day for me, mainly because I’d booked a day off work and got to spend it with my man.
We had one of those lazy mornings where we laid in till 1:00pm, it was nice to snuggle up and not have get up. Once I got up and out of bed I ran downstairs to check the post and found a parcel for our flat sent from Wills mum.
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France’s had sent me a lovely gift for Easter. She’d recently gone away to the coast for a little holiday break and found this lovely old knitting book. She knew I’d fall in love with it and kindly bought me it as a gift. It’s got lovely old vintage photos of knitwear you can make like sweaters, cardigans, shawls and mittens. The inside of the book is lined with a beautiful paper which is knitting themed! We also received a lovely gift of some pennies for a meal together. So we saved that for the evening.
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Before the afternoon came to a close we nipped into town for my grandad a birthday card, I didn’t want to forget because he’s an important part of this family. He’s also very special to me as he helped bring me up when I was little, I love him to pieces.

For the evening we then took our Easter pennies to Handmade Burger Co. for a delicious meal together.

 photo E481A76F-EC7E-4089-A7B1-DAD4AB4618A7-8953-000007BA4C72EC62_zps8110c9c7.jpg

Each of us looking over the menu to decide our burger it turned out we’d only both picked the same thing. Thats my man, he always has good taste thats why he’s with me!!! Well we both ended up order the Barbecue, cheese and bacon burger and it was amazing and massive. So juicy and probably one of my favourite places to go for a beef burger.

 photo B4F36F44-B15A-4B39-9512-2131F94B68AC-8953-000007BA6EF62804_zps6ee60120.jpg

My Will’s beginning his meal and looking super excited about his burger, Wouldn’t expect him to be any other way. If he wasn’t I’d expect he was ill or had his body snatched!!

 photo A5748E82-05D3-4CD1-9972-DB079AB980BC-8953-000007BA6435319B_zps63b7a616.jpg

We both had an amazing day together and really enjoyed our date out that was much deserved we haven’t been on a night out just the two of us in ages. Next time I might also go experimental on my burger and try something different and a little unusual. xx


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