Easter Weekend From Birthdays to R.I.P’s

 photo 2241F926-88F0-421A-B95D-B7B3BCD5C280-2338-000001B099050633_zps74dc0b69.jpg

Above (Will and Alice)

This Easter weekend was my grandads 79th birthday so we took a drive over to give him a visit and to pass on the birthday card. We spent a little while there and a special little dog (Alice) had taken a small shining to Will. She was all over him like a rash this visit which was good because the amount of barking she did the time previous was excessive.
 photo 063B196C-6538-4FEE-874E-EFC579A9AB32-2338-000001B09B8F0D8C_zpsefff3b56.jpg

Above (Nan, mum, grandad and Alice)

We spend a great day with the family having a good natter with cake and tea.

 photo 7F92B529-F8B6-4B96-BB41-CA04A0C90847-3102-000002E63EB7D072_zpsc132d252.jpg

Later we went back to my parents for dinner where dad had made bangers and mash, can’t beat the more simple foods at times. A nice comforting, warm and stodge dinner is sometimes why I like British Homemade meals. Such as stews and roasts except roasts can take up a lot of time where as bangers and mash is simply always a good way to please a tummy.

Then on Saturday me and Will had a lovely relaxed day but took a quick trip out for groceries for dinner and Will decided to make use duck legs and fried rice Chinese style and it was lovely. one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten.

 photo 9CEFA0F7-71B2-4FC0-8DB3-824AD189C21A-2338-000001B1B9DD1DB1_zps4bcf7b39.jpg

Look he was so proud he couldn’t help taking a photo of his triumph of a meal.

Unfortunately while dinner was cooking we’d found that my poor little hamster Gizmo had passed away on the top tier of his cage next to his food bowl. I was very upset and couldn’t even bring myself to pick him up, thankfully my lovely man did for me and i prepared a box and wrapped in an orange pashmina I no longer wore. On Sunday we took another trip to my parent to bury him in the back garden next to Mccoy (the previous family dog) and covered the area with a stone so no animals will dig him up. After this we all took a family walk together to the canal and had a good look over the long boats. We used up a bit for bread over the Swans before going back home.

It’s been quite the hectic weekend. xx


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