Date and Walnut Scones

 photo F1BF1820-8710-43BB-9981-C75EEE00470A-2338-000001B1BCB813BC_zps78ca4a1b.jpg

A visit to my family home and found my dad had made some delicious scones of which he shared with us, a cup of tea and smothered in soft butter. I’m not a Sultana fan and worried I was receiving a scone I couldn’t eat, I checked. To my great pleasure it wasn’t and my dad told me that he’d added dates and walnuts to his lovely scones. Also presenting me the packet of already prepared dates and walnuts which you can buy from supermarkets and I believe these ones were from Morrisons. In acceptance of the scone and showing my appreciation of their taste, apparently meant I’d get a copy of the recipe to try for myself. I was given fully instructions that I’d get a good serving that would last me and Will a week.

We’ll see about that!

They had a wonderfully sweet and nutty flavour with a soft texture and a thick covering of butter made them superb.  Continue reading….

  1. the scones look sooooo delicious, I can’t wait for you to share us your recipe ^^

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