I Should Do This

I was looking over this list today and noticed there’s one thing on there that if I did started it would take me longer than the allocated time of one week to complete. I don’t buy books all the time on a whim, but being a quick reader I am not!
This goal to me is far unrealistic and time consuming I’d have to give up my knitting and blogging to properly commit to this charade.
I’ve got a good selection of books I haven’t read yet but I’ve decided as usual that goal will be more long term than short.
I’m currently reading Christine by Stephen King but I have to admit I’ve been reading that since August last year and I’m still only on chapter 8.
The problem with me is I read when I have nothing else to do but I also have to be in a certain non fidgety mood.

How do we find the time?!
Most of my allocated time is taken up already.
1. Day job
2. Blogging
3. House work
4. Cooking ( I don’t always have to cook)
5. Researching for new projects
6. Reading blogs
7. Play with pets
8. Knitting

However reading blogs is possibly taking up more of my book reading time than I had originally believed. Who can blame me though we all follow some hobby or path that more often than not bring us to read online more than books. On the rarity I read in a proper fashion it’s by a good old paperback with it’s yellow pages and filled with a musty aroma.

I might have to go and turn a few pages now this as gotten me in the mood.


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