Short Row Sweater

So I’ve been toying with the idea of my next knitting project and for something a tad more delicate for the summer. The fact that I’ve never even giving the old 4-ply sweater or cardigan ago puzzles me. maybe it’s confidence and whether I would actually finish a garment that size in such light weight yarn or just give in. Well this year I’m going to do it, finally going to pick up some nice yarn and take the challenge by the horns.

The only thing is it’s going to feel like I’m knitting forever. So for this project I’ve been looking at Purl Bee‘s very own Short Row Sweater. After a good look over the page, I darted over to Ravelry to browse over the previous projects and what other peoples outcomes look like on. There’s some beautiful examples here’s a few of my favourites…

This example was made by PeopleCake.</

I adore this one the most due to colour the changes in the shape of the garment.

This a definite second by millamelli.

This beautiful version is by Needlesandyarn. This is a back view of the Short Row Sweater and I love it! The striping of three different natural colours is fabulous and pleasing.

I really want to start this project, there is a few worries, one if it will suit me when finished. I’m half debating cutting some fabric into a similar shaping to test how it may look. Quite a few people have knit this and it’s not suited there body shape and have either given it away or frogging it. The other concern is differences in using a different weight yarn! I’ve chosen a 4-ply for mine rather than a sport weight, it seems sport weight yarns are hard to come by in Britain. So I’m then thrown into the worrying question of which needle size to also use, I’m debating doing some swatches in other 4ply yarn to get a better idea of this.

Either way this sweater will some be started and I’ll hopefully love it!

  1. Man, I think I have to add this to my queue, it looks like a quick and fun knit. Just go for it!

    • I think I’m going to cast on tomorrow and start it up! It’s Worth it even if I have to alter it. 😀

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