A Week I Would Give Back

This past week has been quite a quiet and hard time for my friends as a tragedy befell us all last Monday. It was not a beginning to the week any of us were expecting and many of us where shocked by the news.
Our good friend John Pounder had past away in his sleep. So most of last week was spent in shock whilst visiting and supporting each other. Monday evening was spent drowning our sorrows at the pub where all of our friends turned up with only a few hours notice and came together, it was nice to see such a big gathering of us minus the unhappy circumstances.
Then Tuesday a few of us heard of a graffiti memorial which had been done in a neighbouring town and so images were sent via text message and the Internet, showing us again just how much people cared about him.
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Later on in the week we gathered together again for a pub meeting for friends to write down the memories of times spent with John for the family as a keep sake. Although I didn’t feel I had anything of significance to share I did however spend this time with my friends supporting them.
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Although it wasn’t a good week the absence if our friend bought us all closer and reminded us all how much we mean to each other, it’s sad but sometimes you need reminding even though you shouldn’t. However it was nice to see that silly feuds between old friends where put aside or even in cases healed and forgiven.
Always show those you love how much you care about them and even in bad time forgive.
To prove a point that nothing is more important than your family and friends.


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