Purl Bee Short Row Sweater

 photo null_zpsd479ecee.jpg

A few months ago me and my lovely boyfriend went on a lovely trip out to a yarn shop named Unravelled. It’s not a new store but definitely new to me and decided a visit was in order. It’s location only sits about 20 minutes out of town and so I persuaded my man to make a brief enough stop for me to have a pop in and a gander at the wool. I was very pleasantly surprised they seemed to stock a lot good brand but not the same usually yarns you’d be used to seeing all over a yarn shop. They stock the more unusual but pretty stuff rather than the boring standard wools.

Anyway, this trip was already partially organized in my mind as I’d already picked out a project to knit was aiming to find a particular brand there *crossed fingers*. I’d been scanning over some designs on Ravelry for the past month and found a free pattern by Purl Bee. The Short Row Sweater came to prove itself to me as the new knitwear I’d need in my wardrobe. So browsing the Internet at yarn brands I paid some longing attention at one in particular. Malabrigo technically the sock yarn 3ply wool.

While there for my much needed wool fix there in a basket on the floor was filled to the brim with Malabrigo sock yarn. After a while of going backwards and forwards throughout the stock of the shop I decided amongst the Caribeano shade (Above) Do you like? I’ve never been massively keen on yarn that pools but i do think this yarn is beautiful and the knitting of this soft yarn made it more enjoyable.

I came to a few snags here and there when knitting this pattern but nothing i couldn’t fixed and not errors with the pattern itself just alterations so I’d be happier with it. Like the fact I added extra stitches in the armbands.

 photo null_zpscbf6297d.jpg

All in all I don’t think I can complain it came out really well although i may have to take a better photo of it at some point soon rather than showing you in my gym gear.


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