Some Better Photo’s for you.

So I’ve gone and created another little pattern for my crafty viewers to enjoy. This time round a small beanie styled hat. I always find beanies can be rather plain and not as cute for girls as they could be and with me currently having short hair I’m wanting use the hat as more of an expressive point. Kind of what my hair used to do before I snipped it all away.

So I kind of get excited when I have a new pattern and instead of waiting I rushed some poor pictures so you could have the pattern faster (bare in mind I kind of hate doing it, because it never portrays the garment in a good light). However I always prefer natural lighting, even on a gloomy day. So I have the better photo’s here and I have updated them onto the pattern page for Summer Seed Hat.
summer seed hat 2 photo SummerSeedHat2_zps42226574.jpg
summer seed hat 1 photo SummerSeedHat1_zps68a07e80.jpg

I hope you like and enjoy knitting it.

    • That’s okay, I hope you enjoy knitting it! Any pattern queries just send me a message and ill give it a check for you. πŸ˜€ x

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