A Goodbye Present

Okay so my friend at work is leaving, I’m very sad about it! However she’s going to enjoy and embrace the career she has to come. Although I’m going to miss her she’ll be bettering herself and will make the people around her proud and that’s far more worth it. But while looking over my watch list on the wonderful app Bloglovin’ last week I noticed a blanket pattern that I knew she’d adore. I showed her It and I was 100% correct, so as a leaving gift I’ve bought it for her.
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I spotted it on Tincanknits blog and the pictures instantly shouted out new project. Although my friend doesn’t really experiment with Dpns or different styles of casting on and is very unsure about knitting on circulars. I’ve told her to play and borden her horizons in the knitting world.
I did however notice that Tincanknits blog is very helpful with this pattern and gives tutorials, so even trying something new isn’t a laborious chore of searching the Internet for tricks of the trade.
The blanket is fabulous and I figured at some point in the future I may have ago myself to narrow down my Sublime Yarn oddment collection I have going.
You can purchase the garment from the Ravelry as well. I hope she flies out of her comfort zones and tries something new other than her new job and home.
I wish you all the best and thank you for being so kind and helpful. X

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