World War Z Review

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Initially before I properly start my ramblings I have to admit I Love Zombie films.
In fact one of my big debates Friday night after seeing this movie was just how scary and creepy zombies have become these days.
Starting out at George A Romero’s The Night Of The Living Dead where zombies only scuffled and flailed there arms about like they’d lost something, wasn’t merely scary enough for me.
The victims pathetic attempts to get away from something that was that slow and incoherent was always something that made a zombie film more comedy than horror.
Until the new ‘breed’ of zombie films arose into the horror genre.
The likes of British film ’28 Days Later’ and the sequel ’28 Weeks Later’ came along with there crazed running zombies, that weren’t just after your brains. In fact the just generally wanted to rip you up and eat you inside out.
World War Z keeps up with this style of zombie that’s been created and puts it in a bigger more shocking scale. No longer is there 1-50 zombies, there’s hoards of them. The thought of a Z day apocalypse got a thousand time more horrific than its snail like predecessor, instead as fast paced as an army of ants.
When watching the film I have to admit there were scenes that made me think ‘Thank God! That’s not happening’.
There’s a distinct similarity in World War Z to 1995’s film Outbreak which stared Dustin Hoffman. I’m sure you know which film I mean however if not I’d go and make sure you watch it. It’s a good one.
It’s similar qualities are mainly storyline based. The usual plot line of a small team of people working together to find some hope and salvation. Risking life and limb on a possible cure to save human kinds existence.
Brad Pitt plays an amazing part as an old employee of the United Nations he and his team go out on a mission against the zombies.
It also made the whole film slightly more realistic when they go to visit the UK and don’t use American actors/actresses to fake a British accent (which annoys me slightly) instead they got the brilliant Peter Capaldi, Scottish actor who played in series ‘The Thick Of It’ and beautiful Irish born actress Ruth Negga who played a role in ‘The Misfits.
If you want a good horror to watch this month that isn’t full of gore or wanting to go see a horror with your 15 year old then I’d go check it out! It’s great.
My movie rating would be 8/10.


4 thoughts on “World War Z Review

  1. I saw this film today, thought it was amazing – also found myself drooling over the lovely hat that Brad Pitt’s wife was wearing in the final scene in Nova Scotia – can’t seem to find a pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haha! I love how knitters tend to look out for new knitting trends in movies, I liked the little cabled cardigan one of the daughters was wearing in the first scene ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m sure there must be a group for this kind of love for film knitwear.
      Last night I watch the Friday the 13th 2 to work out the continuity of Jason’s mums sweater wasn’t the same, I was gutted! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Yeah, I adore the Harry Potter movies they are superb, either that or a Ravelry group ๐Ÿ˜€ I find its horrible but i will be judgmental on a character depending on knitwear ๐Ÿ˜€
        A character needs good threads!

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