A Time To Relax

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I’ve had a lovely weekend that was part productive, part lazy and part travelling.
I’d decided to book a couple of extra days off work to surround my usual weekend days and spent some time at home with my Cat-face and boyfriend. Especially after realising the last time I’d had any holiday days was way back in March a good 3 months ago. Seems crazy but those three months have flown past and I just hadn’t noticed my lack of holidays.
Although I’d had a few days of being in funny moods (I’ve suddenly realised how old I am), I’ve had a lovely few days off, had some nice meals and trips out. I also can’t really complain about my age now and how frumpy I’ve been feeling due to having a word with a good friend who as put me on the realistic straight and narrow (Thank you).

1. Feeling frumpy and old is something that will happen at some point in life when you realise you’re a grown up and now finally see 18 year olds as a lot younger than yourself. However age is just a silly number.
2. These young teenagers might be able to wear silly Fad Fashion clothing but as my good friend pointed out they will only reminiscing when they’re older and realise what they’re wearing looked daft.
3. When you find that style, trend and shapes that suit you, looks good and works well, stick too it! (I’m getting to the age of sticking to the styles I’ve found suit me that doesn’t however mean I’m in a fashion rut, as mistook it for!)
4. If you are have a day where your brain is being highly judgemental! Ask a friend if you look good and if they say ‘yes’ then don’t listen to yourself, it’s just being mean to you. Your friend in all honesty being truthful and accept it.
5. Also if you’re having a fashion day rut, don’t go shopping you’ll bring back experimental fashions you won’t end up wearing.
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Apart from this I had a great weekend visiting new and old places. I even got my Minolta SLR film camera out to play, however I have realised I really need a few more lens for it. I took some lovely photos out in the local park and on our trip to Hebden Bridge. I’ve heard a few friends say how nice it is there but have never been, so we took out the Viceroy for a reasonably lengthy afternoon drive over there.
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The place was beautiful with old antiques shops, haberdasheries, ice cream parlours, fish and chip shops and a beautiful canal river.
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We had a brilliant afternoon there, in fact I think neither of us wanted to leave. I took plenty of photo’s down the canal which I will share with you once I’ve gotten them developed. The antiques shop was amazing if I had lots of money I’d have spent it in there buying my friend some taxidermy, me all the old school knitting books and my boyfriend all the vintage model cars. I did take a small trip into the local haberdashery/wool shop and I will be returning for some of there local fibres and treat myself to something different for a project or two.
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There was some yummy meals that weekend such as my cheesey carbonara and salmon with potatoes and onions marinaded in maple syrup and Wheatgrain mustard.

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