Editing Photographs

I’ve just read a blog post about how to change your photographs in Photoshop just using the curves, now I’ve used and done this before but on occasions reading new things like this can share new information with you that you probably thought you knew originally!
To me it showed me that there’s an eye dropper tool so you can select an area of your photo to curves. So who’s this wonderful blogger I hear you ask! It’s Triple Thread. It’s a lovely post with screen shots to help and although its based on CS5 the basics are the same as all the others editions really.

This post worked a little bit of magic on me and I’m now excited to get home and give the curves another go on some photos! I’m hoping this has inspired you to give it a try.

I’m in such a grand mood today I’ve been very busy at work but happily getting on with it, I’ve read a lot of my book and I’m feeling quiet confident for a nice change. This evening I shall be taking a relaxing walk, having a yummy dinner and possibly watching some Adventure Time.

How are my readers doing today? And what’s your plan for the evening, anything nice?


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