10 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Yesterday I read a blog post from Matildeheartmanech ’10 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ she’d also found inspiration for her post from Chiaki Creates. So it seems that chain mail posts do start and other bloggers get their inspiration heads on and decide to share some of their own facts, views and answers for their viewers.
Today is my turn!

1. I’ve not always been 100% well and I struggle with depression and anxiety on and off throughout my so far 26 years of life, Thankfully crafting and stability has helped and I’m currently on the less stressed straight and narrow. I sometimes still feel those panics and urges to return back to the evil side but I give it a round house kick in the face and carry on truckin’.

2. I’m completely obsessed with peanut butter to the point where I’ve eaten it with so many other foods that it could be classed as wrong. Peanut butter is great with bacon and tastes grand has a dip for plain sea salted crisps or French fries. It also never goes a miss on pancakes or with cheese on toast (spread on under the cheese). It’s been one of my favourite (food groups  since I was a little kiddy!).

3. I’m a slow reader (like Sloth slow) I’m too relaxed about the reading process to the point where I forget I’m reading the book. Also not matter how fast I try to read it’s still not a good pace as I don’t seem to retain the story so slow reading a go go for me! I’m currently reading Stephen King’s ‘Chirtsine’, Slyvia Plathes ‘The Bell Jar’ and Simon Pegg’s Biography ‘Nerd Do Well’. Most of these I’ve been reading for a year or over. I wish I could commit more to reading but it’s who I am.

4. I’m a Camera Collector, when I say this I don’t mean lots of new cameras. I mean old beautiful film cameras and I’m currently in the mid twenties with my collection. And yes! I do use them all. I use them and when I have spare pennies I get a couple developed as I can. I just love the whole process and the ways in which film is experimental. It’s beautiful and my most favourite way to capture memories. My favourite one at the minute is my Ilford sportsman rangefinder or my Diana Mini.

5. I work for my Local Yarn Company. I can’t help but be thankful for my job, I’ve had my ups and downs over the past few years working here but at the end of the day I’m working my dream job and wouldn’t swap it for the world!

6. I have a lovely boyfriend who I met last summer at a classic car festival and last winter got chatting through facebook and after a month he up’d sticks from the south and came a few hours up north to be with me. It’s kind of a modern day romantic tale, but anyway I love him very much and he’s the best. I’m very much happy I can be myself around him without being judged.

7. I only 3 days ago tried an Oreo Cookie for the very first time! Oh how have I been missing out! They taste fabulous and although I’m a Yorkshire lass I have to say they are the best cream filled biscuit to enter my tummy yet.

8. I had a slight stashing of ‘the yarn’ problem last year to the point where nature decided to was time to take action in form of a mini natural disaster and make most of my stashed yarn damp and water damaged. However through his horrible pain of de-stashing I managed to save my posh yarns and also my bulk bags of yarn for big projects like cardigans and sweater and I’m now working through it like I should do and I’m only buying a bit once I’ve used some. My knitting yarn is now in the natural order!

9. I like to browse over things so I’m slightly addicted to ebay mainly because the Watch list is like a wish board of dreams for me. Pinterest is a beautiful tool and making a new board for everything and anything is just too easy but very satisfying. Ravelry Because I like to add new projects to my likes and re-arrange my queue of knitting projects.

10. And one of my biggest and most greatest challenges over the past three years has been that I’ve carefully gotten my weight back down to what it used to be right before being ill with depression. I lost 4 stone in 3 years and feel fabulous again. I can also finally wear things I love without feeling uncomfortable.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, continue on the theme and post your own and share it with me I’d love a good read about my viewers.

  1. Keeleigh said:

    Great. I am going to feel like Wakefield’s no.1 worst stalker! Hello, I’m Keeleigh and you may have seen me around (technically, above or in Hoffman’s yard) and I was just looking for knitting patterns, groups and tutorials in Wakefield and stumbled upon your blog.

    To make me feel a little better and not so stalker-ish, here are 10 things about me:

    1: First of all, power to you for surviving through the horrid thing that is anxiety and depression *hopes this does not sound too patronising*. I have social anxiety and depression. Still struggling though, hence why when people probably meet me they think “She’s ignorant” or “Socially awkward”. I’m really not, well, okay I am socially awkward.

    2: Massive cat lover. I have 2 black cats Dolly who is fluffy and Tia who is not so fluffy. Dolly is Matt’s cat, so enough about her! Only kidding, Dolly’s previous owner left her home a lot when travelling which meant Dolly was never socialised, when we first got her she would always have what some may call a ‘cattitude problem’ however, now she enjoys fusses, purrs and is generally a happy cat. Tia is my shadow and she came from a rescue centre, when I first met her I asked the lady at the rescue if I could hold her, which was okay to do so and before I knew it I had a black bundle of fur suckling my ear! This bundle has not left since. As you can probably tell they are my world (sorry, Matthew) and would do anything for them. Even, if they do their wake up call at 6am. At one point I started a WordPress called ‘Madness and Cats’ about how the cats in my life really helped with my mental health, but I got too worried and self-conscious to continue. Oh, another thing is I have no idea why black cats and black and white cats are the ones usually left behind.

    3: I really enjoy crafts, particularly jewellery making, beauty things i.e. scrubs, creams etc and home decors. However, I really want to learn how to knit and crochet as I used to love doing it at school and recently when I crocheted an octopus cat toy it looked a bit, well, hm erm, like an octopus who had one too many, fell down some stairs, face-planted a box of nails, got up and had a tumble with pyramid head and okay, you get the picture.

    4: I’m a big kid at heart and still watch cartoons – Rugrats, Scooby Doo and Flintstones. They do say you’re only as old as you feel! That’s the excuse…

    5: Saying this, I ADORE zombies…Okay, that sounds wrong. I grew up with the Resident Evil Playstation games and still love them to this day. I can be a bit precious though in regards to RE, for example: the movies are NO WAY as good as the games and RE4, RE5, and RE6 are just not true RE. Really enjoy zombie movies too, especially George Romero and of course I like the Walking Dead.

    6: I studied history at University of Huddersfield, social anxiety got too much along with health issues, plus it wasn’t creative enough and very ivory towers. In October I will be studying the history of art and really looking forward to it.

    7: Lover of Chinese food and really enjoy cooking authentic Chinese meals. Would like to be a better baker though, instead of messing up the ingredients of chocolate concrete and end up doing 6 huge batches just to get it “right”.

    8: Matt calls me a ‘Power Nazi’ as I go around switching everything off by the wall, including the cooker…Oh, which reminds me of one of my tv guilty pleasures is Superscrimpers.

    9: I love vintage things and trawl charity shops a bit too much and end up buying pointless stuff just because it is ‘vintage and oh so cool’ i.e. the 1950s travel iron…

    10: Originally from Lincoln, but Yorkshire is my true home and I love it here.

    Okay *sighs relief*. Now, I feel a total weirdo and have never really done anything like this before (seriously, I haven’t) and it just seemed *puts old lady voice on* “Oh what a small world!”.

    Off to do the daily grind of being a lurker.

    All the best and hope you’re well


    • Hahaha! Hey Kayleigh, your definitely not a stalker I was studying at Huddersfield uni doing art when I start with my depression you have to not let it beat you or let it have power, if your anxious to do something for reasons that seem easy ways out your holding yourself Back. You should always just put yourself out there get to know people. Don’t be on your own all of the time either as company helps! I have one cat, love zombies and I have a Chaplin moustache tattooed on my finger except everyone thinks its a hitler tache lol! 😀 I love Chinese food! Me and my boyfriend (will) have a classic car and go to shows. I like getting to know new people. It’s not too scary talking to new folk :p and don’t be embarrassed to talk to me I’ve been through All the anxiety depression stuff I know how hard it can be. Vanessa xx

      • Keeleigh said:

        Aw thank you honey, really appreciate that and even better is that you know I’m not some weirdo upstairs. Hold on… ;-p.
        What you say makes total sense in regards to easy ways out “Oh it is raining, so best stay in…” etc *hangs head in shame*.

        Had to have a nosey at your instagram when you said you had a cat :p, sorry! Lincoln/Cat Face is really adorable, his white whiskers *melts* and he is obviously a strong defender against those devilish knitting needles. You never know when these things may attack ya’know ;)…Dolly’s arch enemy are the most terrible cable ties *sighs*. Which reminds me, apologies if it sounds as if we have a herd of elephants up here. There isn’t, just a couple of mad cats lol. Have you tried Catface/Lincoln with valerian root? It is like catnip but sends our 2 crazy. Problem is it smells like rotten feet :(. Cats are weird. If you want to try any, you know where I am. Okay, that makes me sound like some cat drug dealer 😦 lol “Knew there was something about her, she was always quiet…” :p. Btw, love the pics of the random cats you see on your travels, have you read the blog Streetmogs? It is a postman who takes pics of the cats he meets on his route. Oh and not sure if you know of ZooPlus? They do pet stuff cheaper than the high street and better quality too.

        Oh and another thing (sorry!) Saw your pics of the Vintage Fair and thought you may like St Vincents Charity Shop (Ridings) they used to have loads of vintage things in for cheap. I got some old Victorian medicine bottles from there for 20p each, old board games, an old transport guide for Blackpool from 1958 – Free 😀 oh and that travel iron *blushes*. Haven’t seen any vintage cameras though, sorry. They do have a lot of old 1960s + annuals in there. Oh and knitting patterns too. Not sure what prices are like now though as there is a new manager. Then there is a guy in Morley Market in Leeds who sells a lot of vintage items for a good price and sometimes there has been old novels, toys, posters and LPs etc.

        Haha at your Hitler *coughs* sorry Chaplin mustache tattoo ;). You don’t take silly pics with it do you? Surely, that would be plain childish…:O *Denies ever taking pics with a drawn on mustache on her finger and pulling silly faces when she was 21*. On a serious note your tattoos all look beautiful. Forgot to say originally, well done on your weight loss you look gorgeous. Seen the Vauxhall, god knows where… :p and it is pretty awesome, must be great for summer days and country roads. Yay, for Chinese food and zombies! Maybe not together though, the health inspector would have a riot! Not to mention the zombies 😉

        Sorry, will finish soon, can almost sense you going “Shut up! Can’t we go back to the way it was before”. Before I go, thank you again and totally appreciate it. Will try to be a bit more brave like you said, as long as it doesn’t end up like yesterday when I was having an off day as was sick i.e. pjs, not brushed hair and no make up. What happens? Some idiot sets the fire alarm off and I have to meet our new neighbours looking like a tramp and to top it off I was drowsy on painkillers 😦 haha. Thankfully, everything is okay :).

        Sorry for the ramble, have to get the courage to do it and then when I do it all comes out :s, along with the bad humor :p. Hope you’ve had a great weekend :D.

        Keeleigh xx

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