Don’t Jinx Your Weekend

This weekend hadn’t been destined for much, In fact I possibly jinxed it by telling people I know that I had no plans to do anything but to try and save at least. This is something you should never do, clearly once it’s been put out there the weekend will follow suit with your evil plan to do absolutely F all! Without any particular plans to get out there and do something renders your weekend slightly meaningless and disappointing. This meant on Saturday evening after a somewhat exhausting day, I was wishing some extra money would jump out at me from a dark crack from under the stairs or wave itself furiously in front of my face. Instead a nice and much loved leap of Chinese food onto my dinner plate was better than nothing!

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What had happened this weekend? Since I did say nothing would occur was slightly the opposite, it’s just that nothing exciting really happened but It did render myself shattered.

We got wind that a friend of ours could give us a hand with getting our car ready and do some fixing for us, so Saturday I spent all of my day from 10am till 9pm playing games with his five year old daughter trying to keep her occupied. We spent most of the time playing with her doll Annabelle and all of her bikes, she’s got quite the selection of vehicles to say she’s only five, I also tried one out but the realisation hit me that my massive adult legs only fit above the handle bars and to ‘Maybe’ act my age!

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Later in the afternoon with a packet of crisps me and Maisie got together and started painting a lovely wooden birdhouse together, I found it so much fun and very hilarious to have a child tell you “ don’t go over the green outline with the orange paint because it will wrong and I know Its hard to keep a steady hand”. Funnily enough I restricted myself with the paintbrush and managed to keep well within the perimeter. A few fingers here and there may have gotten covered as to which I’d gotten named a Cheeky Monkey, I couldn’t stop chuckling. Maisie was very cute and well behaved all day even when I got tired and didn’t want to play no more she brought out some sweets to share and we’d separated them into piles of different colours and which ones were for me and her.

Although it wasn’t what I’d intended for my Saturday I had a lovely time while the boys got into some hard work. I have to say though, I’m glad I got to give her back I was shattered afterwards and got a bit of sun burn on the shoulders. As we got in the car to drive back home the heavens opened up, we’d gotten things finished just in time.

Sunday was a more quiet relaxed day where me and Will went out into town and pottered about for a few hours then came home and carried on relaxing.

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I sat with some of my knitting at hand doing some sampling for a new design idea I have for a winter hood, although nothing came to light as a great idea to carry through. So afterwards I carried on knitting the cowl till I had a laborious amount of ribbing done. My shoulder started hurting again *sighs* this is a repetitive strain injury I gained last year through knitting on straight needles without enough breaks in between and (with suffering from anxiety) tensing up when knitting.

Hence why I prefer my much loved circular knitting needles, much easier for relaxing.

It’s a knitting hazard and so once the pain starts it usually means stop or a switch, last night however it was a stop. I just couldn’t find the inspiration I needed for this winter hood. So I think more research is to be done. I think with the correct sources of inspiration you can work ahead and produce anything. I yesterday didn’t find this gem lying anyway so I’m sad to say I gave up.

But not for long, today I’ve picked up my circular knitting needles and I’m working on re-inventing my old Ravelry patterns and make them actually work which does mean some slight changes will have to be made. A re-invention will mean newly knitted samples and a completely new and working pattern. The old patterns I wrote along while ago more than 4 years and I’ve learnt so much since then and I now know these patterns can be better, in writing and in looks. So I hope you’ll be excited and cheering me on when I’ve finished and given them a new lease of life.

Tonight will be an evening shared with a few friends watching Toy Hunter, which Me and Will are addicted too, whilst I start the new sampling of the Shepherds Delight Mittens.

How was your Weekends? x


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