Working Hard

For a few weeks now I’ve been constantly working. In fact so hard that at work I’ve been doing my job and at break times I’ve been working on my own project. Even evenings have either been dedicated to my work or homework for extra pennies. I’ve even been neglecting my boyfriend a bit for all the knitting work.

It’s finally near to an end and I’ve only got a slight bit of writing to do before I can put up a new version of the old Shepherd Delight Mittens. I’m so chuffed with the work I’ve put into these mittens and there’s not only a instructions for a straight pair but also for a Circular knitted pair.

Charts have been also popped up along side the written instructions so you can see more easily what the pattern shall look like.

I first wrote the pattern for Shepherds Delight in November 2009 after a few years interest in the knitting craft but unfortunately writing this pattern back then only proved to me I had much to learn in the skill of writing hand knitting designs.

A few people had knit the mittens and rather then give constructive criticism so I could learn or see where I was going wrong. I would instead see upsetting comments like ‘rubbishy written’ and ‘lots of problems’ this doesn’t help someone know what’s wrong until now….

That’s write I’ve now been working for one of the biggest British Hand Knitting Companies in the UK and have been taught the skills of a pattern writer for the past three years, I couldn’t not jump at the chance to go for an interview for a job that would teach me more about the craft and possibly teach me where I was going wrong at the beginning.

I’m now very confident about my career and have learnt a lot over the years but I’ve realised in this craft you never stop learning. I know now how to knit to tension, knitting on straight needles for speed manufacturing, maths checking patterns, drawing schematics for designs, how to research my designs better, pattern writing is my main area in expertise and I love it!

And so know I’m updating the mitten pattern and giving it a much better all over look.

It originally looked like this, not bad you might say!!

 But the shape was all wrong and they looked silly but not just that!

Looking at them now I see one big flaw I’d done them in the round and the pattern didn’t even join at the seam so all the colours where out of whack!!! big error! I know, right… And I figured that out alone.

I did realise that I could reproduce this mitten again using the exact same fair isle patterns because the multiples of the stitches aren’t correct, I’d be increasing and decreasing all the time, which would also mean funny looking mitten number two! I’m not letting that happen again.

So here is what Version two will look like when I give it the ultimate biggest update it could ever need!

Much better and you know what I can be 100% proud of these bad boys and love them!

I’m happy to say that hopefully in another few weeks this pattern will be updated and shall still be 100% free for you all to enjoy! any questions and queries can be asked at the email on the pattern or on the pattern on Ravelry. I’ll also had a page up on the blog so you can see the details for the mitts.

If you’d like to read the progress for the re-invention mitten here’s the project page for them on Ravelry.

I’m just going to apologise it took me so long to get there 4 whole years but now an update will be made with a pair of mittens to enjoy and you won’t be let down.

I’ll be working on updating a few other patterns from this stage of my pattern writing and making them more usable and correct for people to enjoy.

All the following patterns are my newest and happy with designs.

Adrien, Louis, Jamie, Oceanology Scarf, Summer Seed Hat and Grunge Cardi.

And the following have had a recent update. Weavers and Buttons Cowl and Kisses and Flowers Hat.

And more progress to come! xx


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