Milanese Cowl Kal

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Above – Me doing some knitting while away in Brighton, the lads are getting there cars ready for Retro Rides Show.

Okay so a few weeks back I did something most knitters with on-line connections do! I joined a KAL (also know as a knit -a- long).  I personally have never done a KAL mainly to not appreciating the pressures of having to work fast and too a time schedule. However I flew straight into the August KAL 2013 on the Cowls group on Ravelry where there was a choice of two cowls to choose from.

I chose the Milanese Loop Cowl as it’s beautiful pattern reminded me of the sea and waves and I loved that and was drawn into it.

I casted on the cowl with some Sirdar 400g Aran khaki green yarn as I wanted a thick cowl for the winter that I could wrap up nicely with my leather jacket. I used my new set of interchangeable needles which I use from work as no one else love them as much as I do! and work the rounds of garter stitch.

Now everyone comes to slight problems in a pattern usually something you’ve realised you’ve done yourself and should go back however I wasn’t willing to fanny about to cast on another 50 stitches of which I’d missed off and decided to work out an increase row in the last round of garter stitch so it was hidden. and then when doing the finishing rows of garter stitch decrease them out on the first row. This wasn’t too bad and worked well enough for me.

The pattern was beautiful to knit and was an absolute delight. The knit was quickly produced and I never felt fed up of knitting it, each row felt like a simple masterpiece. I would happily recommend this pattern to anyone I know who knits. In fact I already have at work.

After finishing up the pattern I pinned it out so the stitches lay flat and neat and covered with a damp cloth until dry.

 Then once I’d done this instead of taking it home I left it at work for the weekend!! Because with all the work my brain had gone to sleep.

If you want to check out the Milanese Loop Pattern there’s a link below too it’s Ravelry page where you can also download the Free PDF pattern and knit your own.

Milanese Loop.


  1. It turned out beautiful! I hate leaving knitting behind! Especially when it’s done! Glad to know I’m not the only one with the occasional scrambled eggs for brains 😉

    • Thank you very much I’m 100% happy with the end product but I’ve loved it since starting it and never changed my mind, remembered after a week to get it home!!

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