Fantasy Fabric Collection

I can only dream can’t I…..

I’ve been browsing about the beautiful Etsy, I sometimes like to nosy amongst sites wish over the pages of items I wished I could own or create some thing from.

Tonights theme of viewing is of the fabric variety.

First up is Poppies Coral this fabric is from the Elk Grove Knits Collection

It’s very beautiful and it’s bold white and coral print just whispered so very cute in my ears. I think the these would make perfect and pretty seat cover for an old wooden chair.

Next is a Heart Printed fabric from China.

This is a thick woolen fabric and would be perfect for creating autumn and winter skirts or jackets.

I’d definitely use this a cute fabric to make a short kilt skirt to go with legging and boots. Perfect!

Kumari Garden

A fabric which is part of the Free Spirit Collection.

This beautiful design just jumped out at me wouldn’t it make great curtains?! Maybe those vintage styled half window curtains for the kitchen. I think it’s cute and could go nicely in a quirky little girls bedroom as some bedding. It could be used in any room and look great!

Michael Miller 1950’s Retro Fabric Candy Shop Fabric

This great retro fabric is amazing the little children stuffing there faces full of candy and cakes, this reminds me of when i was a little lass!

I can only reminisce about old birthday cards I used to receive and how the characters looked really vintage and beautiful. I wish for the return of the card with bunny rabbits and baskets of flowers with banners saying ‘Happy Birthday’ .

Although the others are lovely in my eyes I’ve saved the best till last and only because I adore Moomins to the point where I have a tattoo of them on my leg.

Not badly priced and would make a brilliant bag or bed spread for adult or child.

Much love of fabric just have very little skills at using it correctly without spoiling my collection. I myself have had a few fat quarters lying around the house for years because I have no desire to spoil the beauty of the fabric.

I hope you love the few I’ve shared and maybe even make a little nice something from them.

  1. I love this post! the fabric is amazing and yes creative dreams count too 😉 😉

    • I might grab the courage at some point soon to render my sewing machine useful 😀

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