Everyone Loves A Good Satchel

So, everybody who is interested in bags, fashion, crafting and just life in general will know that the Cambridge Satchel Company have been big and in since they were founded in 2008. Many people now can own even a reproduced versions if they wish, these come in many of colours or patterns.

I’m a big lover of satchels however I can never seem to justify the costing of splashing out on one of these trendy, beautiful leather loves of mine. So yes I have a cheaper styled one, it’s loved and enjoyed all the same.

I can’t help but love something slightly different and creative. Although I have to say it’s not 100% my style I would like to create a satchel for myself and while looking through my latest copy of Mollie Makes I saw this small section on a Japanese Branding ‘Otsuki-sama‘ and decided to have a nosey at there website blog to gaze over the wonderful little satchels.

Images by Otsuki Sama (Valerie Bast Laudier)

And I know, aimed at children right! They are so cute though and so very tempting me into creating one for myself. However I still question in my head could I pull this off as a bag?!? Even in a less bright colour and made more adult, I’m still not so sure…..

It maybe slight inspiration for a future project maybe with cause to use some Fabric from my Fantasy Fabric collection!


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