Fred Perry celebrates British Knitting

About a week or two ago I was browsing sweaters on Asos and was looking over the beautiful Fred Perry garments and the prices of which I can’t really afford on my wages! It’s a sad fact but it still doesn’t make me want the sweaters any less! There cabled jumpers are just fabulous and scream designer talent to me. I can remember distinctly as I went for a deeper scour of there actual web page and I thought to myself if only they did patterns for some of these beautiful sweaters.

Like Flash it popped up this week out of nowhere ready and prepared for the British Wool Week campaign. Not only are they FREE to download as PDF there are also fashioned and designed as a vintage styled pattern, which I have to say makes them super appealing. The girls in the garments are dress and make upped as elegant wartime beauties. Some of the garments range from preppy, Fair Isle and Aran styles and with a few accessories to boot. So I’m pretty gob smacked that a my little premonition came true in after only a weeks wait.

Go get your patterns quick!! x


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