It’s All A Ruse!!

I’ve not been online for at least a week blog wise, but after reading through one of the Fred Perry knitting patterns that I’d happily advertised to knitters! You’ll be glad to know I take it back, don’t knit them. This patterns are appalling, over the week me and a few other pattern writing staff where discussing these patterns after looking more closely at them rather than there flash and ideal vintage looks that draw you in!

We were disgusted to how anyone could knit these garments, for a starters every pattern as at least one tension stated to knit and adjust too. These patterns don’t even have tension, which means before your sweater could end up tiny or too big.

Next thing Sizes???? hello where on earth are they? even if you where to do one size you still put measurements on for that size! Even finished measurements. Instead you give nothing, how do you expect people to pin out there garments to size!

However you tried to win us hand knitters over we are not fools Fred and most could happily look at your cardigan/sweaters and recreate them without even a pattern insight! I hope that scares you a little! I myself could look at the photo of your cardigan and re make it so there’s many more that can! However you upset us with your uninformative patterns in a hope or whim that people might just buy them instead or to gain extra publicity for your products and website!!

All I can say is Tut, Tut, Tut. And a massive sorry to my lovely readers for this disgusting find.


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