New Tutorial – How To Create A Pompom


This tutorial is to help and assist when creating your own pompom for Luminescence Hat.

I’ve never before made a tutorial and don’t have the best lighting and camera technology, however this shouldn’t stop me from helping my readers and knitter from learning something of which I have used in my patterns.

I had thought recently about the fact I’d created the Luminescence pattern and would like to help as best I can with any added extras I’ve used within my patterns. So started the Tutorials listing! It’s a small thing that will progress as I see fit so you won’t be bombarded with them all the time. I figured it was a good essential for any crafter and so hoped it would help a few of you at least.

Share and rate it as you see fit, but I hope it assists you!


3 thoughts on “New Tutorial – How To Create A Pompom

    1. Hi Mudlips,
      Thank you so very much for your kind words and support! I’ve only started my blog this year and love keeping a happy audience and want to entertain and inspire. It was a great surprise to see you’d nominated me and can’t wait to get home and start my questions!
      Much appreciated,

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