A Gifted Totoro

Totoro 3

Images By Frances Carter.

Most holidays and events throughout our years call for gifts to be given from one to another as a loving gesture of friendship, compassion or kindness, to say thank you or to just pop a smile on someone’s face who needs it most. Christmas is one of the largest gift giving festivities we have, which is slowly creeping upon us (Argh!!!).
Apart from that the first most important celebration to ourselves as individuals is our Birthdays, which non of us can escape from. I usually find it difficult to find presents with meaning or that show great thought behind them. Some people have a natural talent to gift giving and swoop into action and manage to amaze every time.
I always feel like I’m gripping onto safe ideas for dear life.

About a two months ago this Crochet pattern by Lucy Ravenscar popped into my life whilst searching and trawling through the Ravelry patterns. I was looking for something a little different to make, a slight break from the knitting needles. I’ve picked up crocheting every now and then to make the occasional granny square and even an easy Snood, but never have a created a toy.

So this Grey Totoro Amigurumi pattern was perfect and even better it was a Freebie, the PDF pattern was greatly instructed for any beginner. Whilst getting excited over the idea of creating him, I’d noticed hidden away in my stash was a perfect shade of grey in double knitting weight. So I had all of the necessary materials except the 9mm safety eyes, which I picked up on ebay for only a couple of pounds.

I bought the pattern home from work on night and the discussion of what I should get my boyfriends sister for her birthday came to conversation, then it occurred to us both she loved the Studio Ghibli movies and My Neighbour Totoro was one of her favourites. I’d hit the jackpot, I think knowing no one else would be making her something like this made it a great gift. I’m not always a massive fan of making gifts as some don’t always appreciate the hard efforts and craftsmanship. I knew that Eleanor would be very happy with him and be a proud owner so started making and continued picking it up every evening after work for ten days. The thing that was most intricate was getting his facial features perfect otherwise he wouldn’t look as nice.

Totoro 1

Looking back after the making I could worry a little less as I could see that he’d come together really well. I’m 100% proud of how he’d turned out and not ashamed to point of stuffing him the darkened corner of a cupboard  to gathering dust.

He’s already been sent to his new home for Eleanor’s birthday and is now in a loving home being treated like a cuddly king. It’s so very rewarding to hear the thank you’s for something you put your heart and soul into and would do it again and again.

Totoro 2

I can remember the days of being a selfish knitter and saying ‘never’ or ‘go and learn yourself’ to those with requests, however catch me on a good day and I might just say yes! *winks*

All Images on this Post were taken by Frances Carter, Thank you so very much.


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