For That I Am Grateful!

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Image By Zaparowana

For That I Am Grateful

Yesterday I was reading the Mathilde Heart Manche post ‘5 Positive Things To Do This Week #58‘, one of the things to do was

    • Begin your week by listing all the things you are grateful for. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it’s very important. See a blog post on this later in the week.

It got me thinking about all my things and most of them are everyday that you’d mainly take for granted. However it’s nice to show how much you appreciate someone or something a special one has done for you, like my previous ‘Gifted Totoro‘ post, I discussed gift giving to show your appreciation or to celebrate.

My list will being with the fact my little kitty Lincoln is all well and better, after a few weeks of stress and then visiting the vets he’s final okay again and back to his usual scrappy self. If it wasn’t for medication he could have gotten seriously ill and so I’m very thankful for my boyfriend noticing signs of him being unwell, which made me keep an eye on him. I’m thankful for the Veterinary Nurse who prescribed him and got him well again. And now he’s either running about and attacking us like he usually does or curled up next to the heater keeping warm.

I’m thankful for my family and friends who are all so very supportive when I need them and look after me and always have my best interests at mind. I’ve not always been 100% well in the past but my family and friends have kept me stable and happy.

Next up is being thankful for my work, I took up the hobby of knitting a few years ago when I wasn’t well and needed something to help focus my mind and through this I gained training in a job that was apart of dreams at the time and now it’s my career. I’m very thankful for them giving me the opportunity in something I aspired to work in.

Food is a thing I can’t hide my love for, especially my meaty meals and I’m in much appreciation of the tea’s my boyfriend rustles up for me most night after I’ve been at work. I love putting my feet up to a nice warming dinner! I can’t say I’ve had a bad meal yet!

I’m in much appreciation of Wills family for help and support when in need and very much for my monthly subscription to both my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes and Oh Comely! Which read straight from my post and never gets put down till there read, the rest of the month is too peruse the pages again and again.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the good things that come your way from a card or note with kind words to a small display of affection or a gift of flowers, it will make the other persons day to know what they have done for you means something and wasn’t forgotten or swept under the rug.

Show that someone your appreciate that you care there more time in the day than you realise!

They will last
Image by Zaparowana

Images by Zaparowana. (Please check out her beautiful images) Permission was given to use her images and would like to say again ‘Big Thank You’


2 thoughts on “For That I Am Grateful!

  1. Thank you for the mention Vanessa! Love your post. So happy that Lincoln is well! We might be rehoming a Beagle very soon, so I’ll be boring everyone with dog antics on the blog soon : ) I’m grateful for awesome readers like you! X

    1. You are very much welcome I love reading your blog it’s very much one of my favourite reads throughout my week it’s like an online treat 🙂 and very inspiring! I visited Hebden Bridge for the first time this year and it’s such a beautiful little place!
      I will look forward to the Beagle posts, animals are amazing and become your best friends no matter how much wreckage they can cause! Lol! Also a tip from my boss at work have extremely tight strong fencing Beagles tend to attempt escapes 😀
      I’m very glad to be a reader and keep up the good work. X

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