What’s On My Needles

I gave myself a Challenge this winter to make something old and Vintage that pushes my patient boundaries but that I also don’t give up on and shall have too finish. So at work I searched though our Archives for something nice that fits the bill! A lot of lace knitting has been out recently in books, leaflet, wool 2ply seems to be the new knitting thickness. Book featuring elegant lady like lace cardigans which are flowing and airy. So I thought why not knit myself something thin that looks luxurious and elegant. Vintage to me always says ‘elegance but with a classy feel’. So I went for this Lingerie number, after watching people start knitting themselves swimsuits and the house being so cold I figured I shouldn’t be missing out on such a beautiful wardrobe item. So knitted lingerie it is, the image is almost pin-up but shows the garment off so well.

I figured I’d start with the Vest first but I will be making both pieces. Initially the project is meant to last the year but at 10 rows a day minimum knitting to keep it turning over that isn’t going to happen.

I started knitting on the 5th of October and cast on using 2 balls of Sirdar Snuggly baby 2ply yarn. I didn’t want to spoil a nice yarn in case my knitting wasn’t neat, also the yarn amount are different and it being a different yarn I also didn’t want to run out. Most of the vest is knitted in rib which can be a slight *yawn* from time to time, but it grew quite quickly to me. I cast on 2 extra stitches to the back and fronts so the rib could be worked * K2, p2, rep from * k2. so the side seams would both have 2 knit stitches, which makes easier for sewing up later on.

Once completing the back it was to start again ribbing all over again for another 40 or so centimetres, before you reach the shaping just under the bust which is easy just patt3tog at each end of every row to last 2 sts, patt2tog and fasten off.

Vintage Vest Project

I’ve now picked up for the first lace section of the brassiere and I’m so chuffed with how it’s knitting up. I think I’m going to buy some white bra straps from online to sew on so I can adjust the straps as needed.

I have also gotten the other two balls ready for starting the shorts which I’m sure aren’t going to be as straight forward as they might seem!



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