Winter Months With The White Stuff

I’ve been receiving the odd email here and there over the past few months from The White Stuff Collections and wanted to share some of my favourites to keep you cosy throughout the winter chill or some great gift ideas for family and friends over Christmas.
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(Starting top left) 1. Snowflake Gloves, £15  2. Knitted Coco Hot Water Bottle, £18 3. Short Heart Sponge Sock £8 4. Baa Baa Mule £19.95 5. Made for a change Bag £3.50.

All of these items are perfect for this season and if you like tote bags to carry your projects about or like some extra space for market shopping the ‘Made for a change Bag’ is right up your alley, a great reasonable price and to help raise funds for children in Bangalore, India. Each bag is different so even when you’ve picked the bag itself it’s still a surprise what fabric it arrives in! The bags have already funded for about 330 children so far, a perfect gift for a friend and for a child.

It’s like a two for one.  x



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