Week In Pictures 24/11/13

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1. My little Lincoln striking a pose and also leering over the hatchling stick insects.
2. My steak medallion tea with fried onion and seasoned with Worcester sauce and pepper with paprika, Oregano, cayenne pepper and garlic roast potatoes.
3. My favourite magazine Mollie Makes collection is up to date and keep on growing thick and fast.
4. A mid week winter care package arrived for us from Ellie (boyfriends sis) filled with lovely magazines, herbal tea from ‘teapigs’ and a few choccies.
5. My vest has been underway and nearing the end of my vintage pattern, still have the shorts to do.
6. An afternoon booked off work and a catch up with a few loving friend at a new cafe in town ‘Marmalade on the square’.
7. The brownie was especially amazing and so soft.
8. Another meal was our dirty but great glazed doughnut burgers and cheesy potato waffles! Yum yum yum!
9. And I found out that Sunpat are doing an amazing new range but bought myself the chocolate and peanut butter spread, next up cashew spread ๐Ÿ˜› x


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