Oh No! What Have I Gone And Done!

I had gotten to a more satisfying stage of finishing up the Vintage Vest, got all the edgings knitted and evenly situated across the back and fronts.

Sewn it all up and ready to be washed and pinned out when…. Catastrophe strikes!

When stretching out my garment and shoving T pins evenly up the garment sides and around the lace edgings to lie the points of the lace neat and flat that the left brassiere section of the vest seemed smaller than the opposite side. So tried to pull it up slightly in the hope my eyes may have been deceiving me, as well all hope at some point.

I almost dropped to my knees and screamed Noooo!

However it can rectified, I spend the next few minutes counting the eyelets in the lace on both sides to weigh up my plan of action. As the counting told me I’m currently 6 rows shorter on the left side to the right.

So I had to that brave thing us knitters have to do once and a while, and that was try and find my sewing seam and cut the thread and hope I didn’t cut the wrong one! It’s almost the same suspenseful atmosphere as a watching a movie when there cutting the right wire to turn of the bomb! Except all my wires are the same colour! Yikes!!!

I managed quite well at the cutting until right at the last second and some how got my wires crossed and snipped at a piece of wool which wasn’t a sewing yarn which mean’t when re picking up the working stitches onto the needle I had to create a few new stitches at the end so the pattern worked again. Thankfully to the all seeing eye it’s not noticeable and managed to bodge it quite well!

Isn’t it annoying as a knitter to have to go back correct something that you wish you’d spotted sooner!


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