Winter 2013 Twist Collective 2

I do remember me saying yesterday we’d recap on a few more of my favourites from the Winter 2013 Twist Collective and so here its is a second instalment. The big favourite that I said was amazing and can’t wait to show because it’s right up my street, is this little gem.

Moggies $6

Moggies by Barbara Gregory

You guys should know me relatively by now, that I’m known as a crazy cat lady. I’m not crazy enough to own a house full of them, however a pair of mittens full of them is definitely my cup of tea. I just adore this design the layers of kitties all in there different shades, these mittens have a great abstract quality about them. So cute!!! Plus it may sound slightly boring to most but one of my favourite yarn shades this year has been greys. I find a good shade of grey always looks great with a pop of colour which this pattern gives me the chance to do.

However like I mentioned yesterday my confidence in Intarsia is minimal but I would throw that scaredy cat image in the bag for a bit to try and create this sweet kitty mitts.


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