December 1st!

Holidays are coming, holidays are comin!

Snowflake 3
I photographed some of my new fangled snowflake window decorations! I’ve never had these window decorations before but I liked the idea so I’ve gone ahead this year and joined in!
My Newest Decoration
Next up, I received a lovely parcel this week, which was very unexpected! It was a lovely surprise to get home and find that there was a parcel with my name on it! The box was massive (Amazon pulled out all the stops there!:p) and inside was a smaller box with this beautifully elegant glass Moomin treasure for my Christmas Tree bought for me by my boyfriends mum! Most of my friends know i have a big love of Moomins to the point where I have a tattoo on my leg as well! And last week we had a visit from Will’s family and I’d been treated to one of the Moomin novels, which I’m currently reading before bed! And so it was such a treat to find another Moomin gift for me! Thank you Frances it made my day and festivities!
Will Popping The Star On Top
Will kindly popped the Star on the top for me! I couldn’t quite get the tree to stop leaning! but you can’t have everything 100% all of the time!
Me and Our Tree
And a final one of me showing off the Tree I decorated which looks very similar to the tree from the year before!
I love festivities and one wall in our living room that we face from our sofa is covered in decorations! It’s fantastic! x


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