10 Top Tips for Knitwear Designers In A Rut!

Morning's bliss

When your stuck picking ideas or sorting through a tons of great possibilities that make it hard to narrow down! Or just in a designing rut that you need to escape from… Here’s ten silly, fun, creative and some damn right stupid steps to sorting yourself (or your work) out! 😉
1. Got a selection of armhole or neck shaping’s to choose from then draw your ideas on pieces of paper set them out in a circle on the floor and spin that bottle like your fifteen again!
2. Ip dip do the cat got flu….
3. Next up is quite conventional! Keep a blooming sketchbook or notebook. Honestly sometimes the best ideas can be forgotten but if your in a rut looking back over old ideas can sometimes bring those ideas to light that’s currently in trend or that’s right up your street at the minute to keep your flow and mojo!
4. Choosing samples can be hard especially when they all look great and either one could be a great design idea, so start a small game of pin the tail on the design! Places your samples on a cork board, get blind folded, have a friend spin you around and pin the idea right off the wall!
5. Sometimes the hectic life we tend to lead every now and then you need to take step back, I mean it! You’ll need a strong willed friend to pull you away from your task at hand to have a break (biscuits and a cuppa or even a day away) return back with fresh eyes instead of mulling it over and see what difference a break can make!
6. Sometimes you can procrastinate over our own work especially if you work alone but asking other peoples preferences on an idea can really help you know if your going in the right direction! Always ask for criticism and opinions whether from a friend or though you blog!
7. Keep your past swatches at least for a while don’t throw them away! Sometimes these little gems can spark new ideas!
8. Pinterest, Etsy, Ravelry which ever you like using if all of them saving pictures and creating Mood boards are a great way to keep you fresh whether it be with colour trends, textures and fibres these media lovelies keep us designers ticking over with eye candy!
9.  If your in a rut, try turning off any music and TV sometimes these can be distracting even when you think there not. Even unplugging the internet and working on a document without networking interruptions.
10. fold up any ideas on paper and pop into a hat then ask a stranger to help you choose, let them pick a winner for you!

How do you decide things when your under pressure or unsure? Do you have a creative way to get out of your ruts? Please share.
Either way don’t let yourself procrastinate, think of a forward plan to move ahead quicker.
Pondering is only holding you back. x

Photos by Zaparowana, Thank you!


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