A Vintage Christmas

Ever since I remember being a little one running about the Christmas tree and helping mum put on baubles around the bottom two tiers I had a big fascination with the ornate decorations. They tended to be the oldest, quirky ones that were more unusual in comparison to the newer baubles! However those newer ones are now my vintage ones that I scored for my Christmas tree when I left home! They remind me of being little in the festive season, excited peeking through my bedroom curtains on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive! I love our Christmas tree with its old lights from Woolworths back in the 80s (these lights I still have in there box and they still work) but I wouldn’t be without them!

This year putting up my tree and decoration went well until the next morning when the cat knocked the tree over and shattered one of my vintage baubles from my childhood Christmases right on the corner of the coffee table as the tree fell! I couldn’t really tell him off but I did think to myself ‘another one bites the dust’ which seems so sad and disheartening!
Then at work this week it was my time to shine when I over heard the staff getting out the decorations and discussing getting rid of the vintage decoration in there eyes these beautiful treasures were seen as vile, out of fashion and distasteful items ready to be outcasted to a bin! I could let them go the way many may have gone before so in exchange for some of my newer decorations at home I received more beautiful golden oldies!
I may have been one down but I’m now up by about eleven!

Do you have a vintage Christmas?! I love to hear about your favourite vintage decorations!
Mine included a clip on blue Partridge and it’s back was covered in sequins and elaborate feathers falling down it lower back!


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