Coffee Time Coasters

So I’ve always been a big coffee drinker ever since I started college, but I want to create a bit of Granny Chic for your home that’s quick and easy to create. I can’t however vouch for the fact your cats might take a liking to these wondrously fluffy items. As I like a quirky desk with some handmade home goodies a coaster for my all hours of the day coffee mug is a must have! They don’t take long at all to make but are very effective and the puff stitch used feels so nice.

Coffee Time Coasters

UK Instructions Only

Abbreviations:- Ch-Chain, Dc-Double Crochet, Htr-Half treble, Rnd-Round, Sp-space, Sh-Shade, Ss-Slip stitch, St(s)-Stitch(es), Tr-treble, Yrn-Yarn round hook.

Magic Loop:- To Make a magic loop. Hold thread and wrap around finger so it overlaps to create a ring, slip ring off fingers and insert hook and pull yarn through ring and ch1, then work the required Dc’s as stated and close ring by pulling the loose end tightly. This will be Rnd 1.

Pattern:- Puff St. Yrh, insert the hook in the stated ch sp, yrh and pull through (3 loops on hook), pull up loop to the same height as a tr. (yrn, insert hook in same ch sp, yrh and pull through) three times more, yrn and pull through all 9 loops on hook, ch1 to complete puff st.

Yarn:- Any DK, Oddments used.

Sh A – Orange

Sh B – Grey

Sh C – Green

Hook Size- 3.5mm

3 Coloured Coaster

Rnd 1:- Using sh A,  Make a magic loop with 6 DC into loop, ss to 1st dc to join into Rnd.

Rnd 2:- Ch2, puff st in dc, * ch1, puff st into next dc, * [5] times, ch2, ss into top of 1st puff st to join. Break sh A.

Rnd 3:- Join sh B, ch2, * (puff st into next ch sp) twice, ch2, * [6] times, (puff st into next chain sp) twice, ch1, ss into top of 1st puff st of Rnd 3 to join. Break Sh B.

Rnd 4:- Join sh C, ch2, * puff st into next ch sp, ch2, , * [14] times, puff st into next chain sp, ch1, ss into top of 1st puff st of Rnd 4 to join and break yarn and pull through last loop to fasten off.

To Finish:- You may pin it into shape to flatten out the coaster or tease it about a bit.

Coffee Time Coasters

Single Coloured Coaster

To be worked as 3 Coloured Coaster but using 1 shade.

Hope you enjoy less strained desks, coffee tables or any beautiful furniture that needs the coaster care. Also add your coasters to the ‘Coffee Time Coasters’ Ravelry Pattern page. So I can see all your great colour combinations!

Have a great weekend. x

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