Stuffing My Face

The work Christmas buffet has started and my plate looks fantastic and full! So will be my belly! :D #christmas #buffet #foodporn #grub
It is the season too get stuffing!
Stuffing your face with food I mean, for me the Christmas feasting begins! It’s a dangerous cycle is eating around this time of year. It starts off with the office fuddle (buffet) which can last over roughly two to three days depending and it feeds about 25 of us. It’s a massive tucking sessions for break times and lunches. The next big meal is this Saturday with Wills family their having a mini Christmas for me to celebrate with them before I head back up north to be with my family. Then another Christmas roast with a lot of Will’s Friends the next day, Christmas dinner on the day itself and another one on the Saturday cooked with my very own hands for our very own late Christmas together.

So it’s dangerous times, what to do?! lots of walking and possibly photographing to counteract the belly! So if I’m seen by friends or family marching through the streets with headphones in looking as if I’m on a mission, you know why! 😉

Other than that I shall be stuffing my face and relaxing over the next few weeks whilst also catching up on bits and bobs! One a new knitting pattern,  second coating the bathroom glossing and maybe re-sprucing the Christmas tree! (you sometimes have too with having a cat!).

Don’t forget to knock back the wine and chocolates, you deserve it! x


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