Christmas Present

You probably remember a while ago I made the Totoro Bear for Eleanor for her birthday in September. She loved it and asked if there was a chance of receiving a a Soot Monster to go with it for Christmas, which is also a character from the movie.

They look like this! black balls of soot!

So I immediately got making and purchased some ideal Sirdar yarn, ‘Funky Fur’ this is a great yarn for knitting. I was quite surprised as I’m not a fan of this yarn originally! However I 100% take back my statement, always try something first before you judge! As I found this is actually nice to knit with it flows through the fingers nicely, it’s soft and silky but not tricky to knit with and to be used as a fur yarn for toys is 100% perfect but remember to use a small needle size for toys so the stuffing doesn’t come loose through the stitches.

Soot Monster

So using the Funky Fur yarn was perfect after seeing these little soot monsters bouncing around like balls of fluff!

So the knitting process was to cast on 4 sts, using 3.5mm double pointed needles and it increase stitches on most rows with some plain rows between to make it round until a desired size. Then work in straight stocking stitch for a little while and  decrease back in just as evenly as I increased. I decreased down to the last four stitches then threaded the broken yarn through the remaining stitches pulled tight and sewn in the loose end.

The little white rings were crocheted, Ch4 then ss into the first ch sp. Then in the centre circle 6dc and then join the round. break off yarn (Make 2). I used both ends for sewing them to the body and used 2 9mm black safety eyes.

I wasn’t there for the unveiling of the gift but I heard it was very much loved and perfect to go with her previously made and much snuggle Totoro. x


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