Hello 2014!

I personal have high aspirations for 2014 and to be honest I also feel that 2014 is going to be one of those impressive years where nothing can get me down! where great things happen and where I feel the happiest and luckiest I’ve ever been.

Good morning!
Good Morning by Zaparowana

We sometimes give ourselves goals for the new year in hope we can change and make a better you and to embrace the new year with open arms and bring a well rounded person into the next year! Last year I decided not to suppress myself with goals I couldn’t commit  too and ended up doing lots more than and regained a lot of new qualities.

New things I did last year that made a change to me and my life-

  • Gain some confidence in myself and the things I can do.
  • Realized I am smart and I can do a lot of things if I put my mind to them.
  • I can do complicated Mathematics but only if I have a good teacher to show me.
  • I quit smoking cigarettes (I was pretty much a chain smoker and although I feel left out on special occasions drinking with friends at birthdays I instead have the treat of a Cigar, however I have saved lots of money and may health is tons better than it was).
  • Exercising, previously I used to always get the bus home but even on bad weather days I now walk for an hour each day it keeps me healthy and I can eat what I want again.
  • I spent the past four years unhappy with my weight from my depression days this year I got back down to my beautiful size 8-10 frame and I’m so chuffed I didn’t give up on myself.
  • Me and My Boyfriend visited many nice places together and we will continue throughout 2014 to do so.
  • I joined a weekly flickr assignment group that helps me progress as a photographer and test myself and my skills and learn new things in that department.
  • I created this blog which I love and will continue to share with you all.
  • I have created some great patterns which are all Free for you to download, Oceanology Scarf,  Summer Seed Hat, Grunge Cardi, Re-invented Shepherds delight mittens, Luminescence and Coffee Time Coasters.
  • And last but not least I collect for too much good stuff!

For the upcoming year I decided I’m going to have goals and aims for a change, they are as follows:-

  • Make sure that by the end of 2014 the 4 books on my bedside table are actually different, hence reading more.
  • Gifts buying is hard for me and don’t always have enough money to buy amazing gifts so this year I will try to make as many gifts as I can whilst also creating patterns and making for myself. Thats a whole lot of creating things!
  • Write more posts and aim to get a few paid for patterns out there as well as Freebies.
  • Watch more movies, visit more places, cook more and try my hand at sewing and making my own clothing.
  • Taking more photo’s to remember the year in the life of an Analogue camera user.
  • Decorate more rooms of the flat.

I am sure I can get through a few of these goals without too many problems. Surely??

How are you going to make a change in your new year or are you going to wing it like I did in 2013?

To all you fabulous readers thank you so much for tuning into my blog and leaving comments and following me throughout 2013 and I hope and wish for you all to have the best 2014 a person can have and send you all my love and best wishes!

Happy 2014! x

Also a Big thank you for Zaparowana for letting me use one of her photo’s again this year! Such beautfiul work. x


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