Mother Hooking Hat!

You might be wondering what I’m crafting at the minute and seen as I was away I couldn’t be carrying tons of projects as I needed lightweight luggage over Christmas. So before my travels I grab out my Mollie Makes and decided that cute little hat from the previous months issue might be ideal.I wasn’t really the sure that this project was my style but to be honest who cares, I figured I’d prefer to enjoy making it than to not have it at all! It’s so sweet and I’m betting one day I can find some outfit that it will do down a treat with!

I tend to give Crochet a bit of a try out every now and then and surprise myself with the fact I can actually do it, however when work mention me crocheting for them the response is still ‘I can’t do Crochet’ I really don’t want any more pattern writing stress than I already have. I always think that crocheting looks harder than I thought but I’m starting to get to grips with understanding charts and I think I’ve started to realise it’s not that it’s difficult it’s just remembering how to do certain stitches and that a round or row of Crochet can be a lot longer to work and remember than with knitting!

So the Winter Rose hat from Mollie Makes 34 is a cute hat made up of a puffs with a colour worked flower patterned band. It’s got quite a Scandinavian style, especially with the two colours they used!
I had a good stash search and I found a few balls of Sirdar Country Style DK which is specified for the project in the materials. I’d decided that a nice light grey and a peachy, apricot colour would go down a treat with this project, a different set of colours used to the images in the magazine but that would still love sweet and quirky.

So far I’ve been doing the hat and I’ve finished all the crown shaping rounds and I’m now onto the straight section. I have to say I’m slightly concerned that I might have a small head! but I suppose if my miniature head still fits I shall wear it slouchy! it would still look cute right?!

I will show you some further Crocheting updates soon 😀 wish me luck!! X



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