I need no My Little Ponies!

Swedish Dala Horses


The Swedish Dala Horse – Dala Hast

I’ve been seeing lots of images floating around of Dala Horses recently and I have fallen in love with them especially the red ones with the brightly coloured flower harnesses. I’ve spelt it out already for you but yes! These beautiful things are horses but not just any kind of horse, they are delicately hand carved and painted. They were originally made as a child’s toy, which I can firmly understand why if I had one of these beautiful horses I wouldn’t be letting go of it! I think the thing that most draws me in by these statuettes are the small detailed brush strokes of such beautiful colours these paintings remind me of Clogs and Longboats.

Obtaining one of these horses without a trip aboard however is near impossible and if you do come across them they aren’t reasonably priced either. How much I now long for one of my own, I’ve never been much of a girly girl, but the part that is pops out now and then taking over me like a small possession! I might start going ‘awwwwing’ of them then next. No matter how much I pine for one these horses aren’t going to jump into my presence any time soon and so a small thing I call ‘replacement therapy!’

Most folks would say replacement therapy is not a good idea and it will only mask and cover up your true feelings, I say ‘To Hell with that!!’ so I went on a search to pin my favourite Dala Hast.

So my replacement were the mittens (What a surprise! :p) which are Free to download on Ravelry after a bit of researching. They only come in one size though and I’ll be updating you on these mittens in a future post has I did cast them on!

You think that my new Dala mitts will help ease my wanting…. You might just be a tad bit wrong this time! x


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