How Did Your First Week Hold Up?

Preyed Upon
So that’s the first week of 2014 over and done with! I hope you’ve been enjoying it just as much as me. Lots of cheer and happy gatherings although not all can be perfect! A rough review of my New Year Week as been good and enjoyable meeting with friends for the big night for a party and much drinking was had and some dancing. The day after was spend relaxing most of the day in bed apart from a quick trip out for bacon and a farmhouse loaf for our first 2014 bacon sarnie! We laid in till late being lazy bottoms, I’m sure you all do that from time to time! The evening we spent relaxing with some T.V. and a bit of catching up with some design work that I’ve been intending to finish over Christmas! So I’m slightly behind my own schedule.

Thursday and Friday was back to the office and getting my head down whilst returning home to some lovely cooked dinners and joyful evenings with all three of us snuggled on the sofa!

Then on Saturday it was a trip out to Huddersfield to have a nosey around the market and charity shops I didn’t buy anything exciting except a pair of 2.5mm double pointed needles to start knitting my ‘Snawpaws’ and Wills bought a few old model cars to add to his collection. We had our breakfast at one of my favourite greasy spoons there named ‘4 cousins’ I used to go there on my university breaks. So all in all a successful week!

Then today hit and although it’s gone well with a few clothing purchases to cheer myself up after a bit of bad family news this morning! Apparently it’s not 100% negative news though and there a good chance everything is going to be okay with a bit of treatment thankfully! *crosses fingers* everybody can have ups and downs even in the best of weeks. You just have to keep plodding on and looking forward and sometimes a few treats can help along the way! So my chin is up and held high with a positive smile on my face!

How’s your first week of 2014 been for you?! did you treat yourself with any Christmas pennies?!   X


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