He Who Has Little Manners!

Beautiful Boy
Those of us who have pets understand they are just as much a commitment as a child. In some ways your just as tied down by an animal as a child but they also bring much happiness. Oh and did I mention annoyance!!! Now when you get a pet for the first time I did the initial thinking about it a lot and no to mention weighing up the pro’s and con’s.
I have always wanted a cat since being a little girl as our family are more of a dog family! So I thought about the fact he’s be living in a flat and whether I thought it was right or not to keep him cooped up. Thinking of vet bills too which when listening to other animals with pets afterwards I thought shit have I done the right thing as what if I couldn’t afford Anyhoo… After all this humming and arghing I decided ‘Oh to hell with I’m having myself a kitty’.
Most girls usually think that when getting a kitten you’ll end up with the most cute and cuddly of all kitties and he’ll sit on your lap and purrrrr away all night long and rub his little fluffy face against you wanting more loves! This is the ideal cat, strangely enough if the kitten keeps running away from you or keeps falling off of furniture and is play fighting with the other cats and is acting like a tough little bruise, please don’t think ‘Awww, that’s sweet’ or assume you’ll get a cuddly cat you’ll in fact end up with the most grumpy, scratchy, feisty rogue.

As a crafter though no one mentioned the con’s of cats and crafting! There was no one here for me to aid insight for this kind of Feline running havoc around my home! Till today….

1. Wool, Hid it all in bags with zips, plastic bags with cello-tape to keep it in, cupboards or hid it high up where they can’t reach! because I will tell you know you wouldn’t think that they like it so much but there has been many a yarn fiasco.
Ones where I have entered the room to find random balls from another room been pulled across the floor and knotted up to high heaven.
The cure for this behaviour isn’t give him his own tightly wrapped ball of wool because silly as it sounds to the kitty it isn’t the ball of yarn he/she wants! oh no… it’s the nice stuff!
2. Knitting, kittens think knitting is play time they will sit and watch your needles flying around and then pounce or tap the ends of your needles and play havoc with your tension keeping the only recipe to aid you is Circular knitting needles as there are no end dangling free!
You also risk some nail attacks with any yarn dangling, yarn chewing which as means damp knitting, Yuck.
3.Knitwear, Cats like to settle especially on things that will keep them toasty so be warned your knitwear may get pulled if left lying around.
4. Extra stuff, Don’t leave anything lying around that can roll off a table or be battered around, likes pens, needles, stitch markers, rulers and paper clips. These items too a cat are like play time gold and they will attempt to knock them to the floor, once this mission is complete they tend to walk away uninterested. This is a fools game because if you put it back on the table he/she will only go and knock it off again.

Cat have there little quirks just like we do and you to remember no matter how big your kitten his he’s still a baby. Mines just over one years old but he’s huge and I forget he’s still a little one! No matter how much of a grumpy cat he can be I still adore his furry face and I’m hoping for loves once he’s older!

Until then be warned crafter cat owning isn’t always easy but it is still rewarding! XX


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