Week In Pictures 12/01/14

 photo 29635524-3DBC-46BB-AD32-30D60AF69D8D_zps0pilexxz.jpg
1. We had a lovely trip to Huddersfield where we visited the Byram Arcade for the Spun (wool shop) upstairs and noticed a beautiful amount of paper cranes hung from the ceiling!
2. Second Bacon Sarnie of the year cannot grumble!
3. Sampling for February’s design! Exciting 😀
4. Little old Lincoln Catface having a long nap, isn’t he cute!
5. And a much needed trainers treat after some worrying news!

I’ve had a very busy week where I’ve been working mostly non stop from working my lunches and taking work home, having guests and hospital visits so I’m slightly worn to the bone but nothing can stop me from knitting for one of my own design ideas and so I’ve also cast on for my next design and for the Snawpaws which I’ll tell you more about soon enough!
Stay well and happy peeps! X


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