The Good, The Bad And The Kitty


Well it’s all most like speaking about the devil I post about him and the cheeky little fluff ball does something else to wind you up!

Why he feels the need to Christian anything that’s new in our household by licking it I don’t know! I’m starting to think my cat’s habits are a little bit stranger than most. Last week I’d decided upon something new to design and went out to treat myself to some new double pointed needles. Whilst at home I cast on and worked a good few centimetres then nipped to the bathroom. When re-entering back into the living room I saw to my horror the little monkey had gotten up on my desk and was not only giving my new bamboo needles a lick he was also chewing them! :O ‘arghhhh! Get off I squealed at him’ Although I love him to pieces he does know how to wind me up sometimes, I’ve never known a cat be quite into crafting equipment as he is, I might have to pick up a catalogue to keep him quiet! Thankfully my needles weren’t too badly injured ‘phew!’

Every now and then he’s a good boy and as even started snuggling up next to me on the sofa which means it’s now catering for three bums although he’s managed to acquire my favourite granny square cushion as his own. I don’t mind it’s cute see him curled up. And for these lovely occasions for when he’s behaving I’m a happy treat giver but due him getting a water infection last winter the vets warned me off biscuit treats as they can be too salty so I’m going to give these wonderful looking Kitty cookies a try from ‘Joy the baker’. I was so impressed to see a baking blog catering for kitty needs and I’m definitely going to give them a try I can see my boy going mental for these Tuna, Catnip biscuits. X


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