Where Have I Been?!

Hello everyone,
I’d like to explain slightly why I’ve not been posting quite as much as I normally do. It’s been a worrying start too the year and in the first week of January my poor grandad got rushed into hospital and there was a few moments of touch and go! He’s been in now for a few weeks of treatment and is tons better than he had been. They have mentioned his return home this week which I’m sure he’ll be chuffed about now as he’s been bored out of his mind this past week whilst feeling better.
Over the past few weeks I think I have shown to myself how much stronger I am and how much I’ve recovered since I struggled with my Anxiety and Depression a few years back. It spiralled out of control and anything like this kind of panic and stress would have made me worse again.
Instead I have proved to myself how much better I am, no panic attacks, no stressing and even in the bad times I stayed so positive. So my past few weeks have been hectic as well as working and taking work home to help out I’ve also had guests visiting, my own work deadlines for my sweater pattern, I’ve had the hospital visits and designing for next months pattern. So I was quite relieved this past weekend to use an extra days holiday and have a weekend of rest and a bit of shopping therapy!
Friday was spent with my man having lunch out we had a Primos Hotdog with onions, sweet cure and jack D dressing and a shopping trip where I treat myself to new bedding, crafty magazine and bought another Wes Anderson movie. Saturday I went for a visit too my mums and got my hair trimmed and went out on the evening for a friends birthday, me and my best friend had cocktails and a good catch up!
Sunday was a recovery day were I went food shopping and treated myself too a fluffy sweater bargain and kicked back with some knitting.
So I’ve had a very nice recovery weekend and now I’m ready to go again!
I can’t wait to the photos ready to release my next pattern for you all! It’s so exciting! Keep your eyes peeled! ๐Ÿ˜€ x


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