The Project Carrier!

 photo F921207E-CD5A-4872-9E86-6B18AB84B395_zpsbhrika3t.jpg
This week I’ve been busy knitting for my next big February design and also being working on a pair of the Snawpaw mittens as a bit of selfish knitting for myself! (The best kind of knitting) but I found it quite funny when looking into my canvas rucksack to find lots of little plastic bags all containing projects! I seem to horde these clear bags from work and put all my knitting in separate tidy bags to keep them safe when carrying them about! I’m sure I’m not the only one that is this particular with my knitting! I remember at one point having tons of drawstring bags for my projects then Zip lock bags, tote bags and small make up bags but these days I’ve fallen for clear plastic bags. On bad weather days I tend to carry these clear bags in a my Cath Kidston Oil Cloth bag to keep them dry! I’ve become to release it’s a crazy habit, or is it! I’ve even found big sweaters in massive plastic bags ready for sewing up like a cupboard isn’t safe enough for them! (Probably not with the cat about).
I’m not the only one right?!
I personally like to keep my knitting neat and hate bag tangling messes so bag are a key staple in my creative lifestyle!
How do you peeps keep creative zen?! X

  1. andipi said:

    I store mine in old carrier bags.

    • So glad to hear I’m not alone with my bag stashing and project protection! πŸ˜€ x

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