Wakefield Artwalk (To All Local Creatives)

 photo 25F15F08-9B39-4EE9-8C98-E377C993A397_zpskxwbp4ss.jpg
Well it’s Wakefield Artwalk again and if you’ve never been it’s a great chance to start! It’s a fresh year and you can see the local art community thrive throughout the year with some great events. Wakefields Artwalk evening is great and is hosted at many different locations throughout Wakefield all exhibiting there varieties of different art from mixed media, painting, animation, film, sculpture and much more.
The other thing great about these events is there’s usually some project to join in on to get those creative hands dirty.
This is where I tell you there’s some new kids on the block that are starting something new.
Tonight’s Artwalk has an added location, Unity Hall.
At the corner window of Unity Hall on the edge of Smyth Street will tonight house a hive of Creative Fibre and Fabric fun from ‘The Friends Of Unity Hall’ they will be getting together with like minded people to create a banner.
So if you know you have the Sewing, Knitting or Crochet expertise that can help and want to spend an evening with lots of other creatives then pop on by.
All you will need to bring is your needles, hooks and friends!
As you know me so well! 😉 I will be bobbing by with my knitting needles at hand and I can’t wait to get those stitches cast on.
So that’s at Unity Hall, Smyth Street, Westgate, Wakefield.


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