A Few Sweater Tutorials and Tips- Quilter

So I was ready to publish Quilter a few weeks ago but finding a suitable location and weather for photo’s was bearing on difficult and I still wanted my pattern to be available on time so, I took a simply photo for the time being and rustled up a few words to go with for the blog and Ravelry. Now I have more of a chance to tell you more in depth about some of the sweaters look and features and a little bit of help for along the way.

To start with a small tutorial on how to do the quilter stitch pattern on row 9th and 17th it will read as follows:-
drop the next st down 7 rows and pulling stitch up behind loops pull the top loop through st and slip this stitch back on left hand needle and knit
Now if this confuses you in anyway don’t panic I’m here to help.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step One – Tools Ready

You’ll obviously have your knitting on your needles at this point and to make it slightly easier to pick up stitches you might want to use a crochet hook but that is a personal preference. I on the other hand will be creating a sample from scratch to show you!

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Two- Stocking Stitch Done

Before you get to the first pattern row you will have done 8 rows of stocking stitch which I have prepared earlier! 😉

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Three – Drop Your Stitch

drop the next st  this means the next stitch on your left hand needle is to be slipped off.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Four – Unravel The Stitch

down 7 rows – Drop the stitch down 7 rows then with your crochet hook pull the little stitch at the bottom to the back of the work.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Five- Pull the stitch up behind the work.

and pulling stitch up behind loops – using your crochet hook pull up the stitch behind the 7 unravelled loops to the top loop.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Six- pull the top loop through stitch.

pull the top loop through st – whilst the stitch is still on the hook, hook the top loop and pull it through the stitch.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Seven – This creates the stitch.

and slip this stitch back on left hand needle – slip this loop back onto the left hand needle ready to be knit.

Quilter pattern tutorial

Step Eight- Knit.

To start with it might not look anything special.
Quilter pattern tutorial

and the first few times you do this technique it takes a little while but it gets faster!

Quilter pattern tutorial

and has such good and warming results.

The effect of pulling up the stitches in the pattern as I mentioned before is that the length measurement needs to be taken from the side edge only on the front.

My next tip is for sewing and will help you place your sleeves much easier, placing a few thread markers on the sweater to mark the start of the armholes and to mark the start of the shoulder. This is so you know where the top of the sleeve will fit and so your shoulder will be sewn up correctly! Silly as it sounds I did actually sew mine up slightly wrong at the shoulder which is why I’m passing on the tip, I ended up with a bulge in my sleeve. No one needs that :p

I hope my tips help you all to knit Quilter up but if you have any questions feel free to message me either via my email on the pattern, via PM on Ravelry or this page and I will get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support and can’t wait to see your knits. X



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